Friday, April 12, 2013

an effort at a poem (& paint) during an april storm, a week before leatherwood 50 mile mountain trail race.

And the heavy gray vines of line.
4/12/13 at 9:02am.

Bad brains & surya
Namaskars, thirty & a bow.

The staccato percussion of a
sky-collapse storm. 

Burnt bone black on field of flake white,
it is earth of raw canvas,
Music & movement against/within
An open mouth of thunder. 

Dust of charcoal rolls a broken line,
Echo of a lazarus body.

It is image-jump,
surge of mind,
horse gallop heart.
It is haste and the colours of mood.

A frenzied visual jazz,
paint is rope, muscle, language and psalm. 

Paint and her dance
Is perhaps a brute’s
version of
a long-gone

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