Friday, February 26, 2010

kyote's first birthday and trail runs. . . .

rain pounds Wilmington.

this weekend is the Run For Ray. last year was its premier year, serving as a benefit for the family of the late Ray Underhill, a professional skateboarder I read about as a young skateboarder-kid. Mr. underhill succumbed to chordoma, a rare form of cancer, after an extended period of treatment. last year, the run was held at the blue clay mountain bike trails, and it was a helluva run, with many crossing the finish lines (was a 5k and a 10k) with bloody lips knees shins twisted ankles and bruises galore. . . . . was a regular macabre mess. I finished the 10k with a 9 minute pace, somewhere around 51 minutes. the race is in three days, I busted my back up y’day washing maya (my 65 lbs. lab/chow dog), and hope that it is healing quickly. otherwise we may get snow tonight as the temperatures drop behind the rain.

mahler’s third performed by the Berliner philharmonic as conducted by Claudio abbado.

Prayer first and foremost is an Act. a contrite surge of preserverence and Faith and the Passion to Endure cleanly. the passion to endure is a Prayer. prayer is verbal only in its most nascent moments. it is otherwise the act of realization and execution.

February 26th 2010 and the sun is out though not very warming. ky’s first year birthday was yesterday, and he was joyful and merry as relatives and friends with their little ones all clamored into our home (festive with balloons and decorated high chairs) for the occasion. he was well-behaved and endured well, refusing a decent nap prior to the party which fell into his normal nap time. regrettably I had to go to work, though it was moderately busy and money was made and the busyness of the day left me a bit distraught by end of the shift.

the run, though. the run was a 6 miler, mixed with road and trail and then mixed with sleet & snow. . . . . a run bringing me into a meditative mindscape allowing me a mindfulness, an attentiveness. . . . the snow and sun and cold and February, and ky’s first year birthday.