Monday, April 12, 2010

one is the loneliest number. . . . . a few paintings, a few miles of language.

april 12th. the week was filled with my quarterly visit to the periodontist/dentist, a very sick ky, a sick kas, four long and busy shifts at the restaurant, nc azalea festival (just outside our front door at the restaurant!), and finally a 16 mile run sunday morning. last week's mileage total was conservative, 25 miles, doing a speedwork session & one 4 miler (as heat and pollen hang heavy on the head and lungs and legs) and taking it easy as kyote visited doctors and I spent time with the family. I did purchase two major things this weekend: a. Great Outdoor Provision Co. (thanks Tim!) cut me a deal I couldn’t resist on some Salomon xt wings 2, thus I have a new pair of brilliant trail running/ hiking shoes! b. purchased a FatMax tool box for my painting gear, that I can roll out and work in the yard or on the deck or wherever I want, with all my brushes and tube/ jar paints and charcoals and essential tools. . . . fantastic! I had not set up a workspace since exiting the studio, so I am en route to getting visual work going again. all good reason to celebrate by running and painting!

from there, a bit on the 16 miler. after an easier week of running, I anticipated eagerly my sunday morning long run. it was crisp and cooler, a beautiful morning, a brief interlude from the pollen clouds torturing our southern landscape recently. so I climbed into the asics with a packet of gu chomps and one mini-clif bar, and began the run at 8h23 am. the drivers were few but compensated in their lack of numbers with an increased obliviousness while driving—always infuriating. I found a small overgrown trail offa' rogersville rd, followed that through a few spiderwebs and into the deep, hookers green woods, paused to fish out a gu gel, then sprinted back towards the road and down Wrightsville. airlie gardens was pretty, but the horses were not out. I ran smooth and long and was pleased with my pace. I aimed towards the water fountain at WB park and stopped in, ate my second gu gel, and kicked it to the coast. pausing at the glassed ocean and the drifting sun-slices, I prayed in gratitude, and began jogging back across the sand to the asphault to the draw bridge. I hit the draw bridge well and dropped down the other side, and the cramp began. and the cramp seized up my knee and seemed to crawl down my left calf, on the outside of the leg, and just lock down the joint. I slowed to jog it out, but with no reprieve. I walked. and thus began the cycle which would haunt the remaining four miles home. . . . run/ jog/ walk. I made it home by 10h44 am, stretched, then showered after an advil.   home depot, lunch of boiled shrimp & red potatoes, then work at 3pm. 

work was slow, slow, slow. the steps were fine on the ascent (every drink or order or transaction requires the running of a set of stairs), but the descent was painful on my left leg, just in the knee area. . . . I left after six hours of roaming and people-watching in the restaurant window with no real income to show for time.  I slept well and deeply and uninterrupted, then awoke with a very sore knee.  I stretched it out slowly to a tolerable throb. I pray that it will heal (with rest and ice) before our trip to PA as I sketch various parks & trail systems I want to visit. in reading lore of running, the injuries section with self-diagnosis paranoia in full-effect, i find every reason to be concerned and anxious, but i will remain patient as possible.  i will remain positive (my best mantra recently, even with punkrock sneer).

kyote is feeling better by the way!!