Appalachian State University- 1992 - 1995. withdrew to travel, explore, paint, write, drink, dance, and such.

2nd place student exhibit ASU Winter 1993.

Nudes and other epiphanies.  April 1996, Daily Grind, Salisbury NC
1996 - 2000, Represented by Fine Frame Gallery, Salisbury NC.

(2001 Joined Art Asylum Collective in Wilmington, NC.)
Art Asylum Paintings at Deluxe,  2001.
Art Asylum Paintings at Caprice Bistro, 2002.
Arte del Amore, Art Asylum, Wilmington NC, 2002.
Cucalorus, Wilmington NC, 2002.
Highlights and Shadows (solo show)  Costello's, Wilmington NC, 2002.
Figures and Fugues, (solo show), Riverboat Restaurant, Wilmignton NC 2002.
Written Paintings and Language-scapes (solo show), Caffe Phoenix 2007.
Wilmington Must Be Destroyed,  Artfuel, 2008.
Saints and Nudes & Monk's Burlap (solo show), Caffe Phoenix, 2009.
Bodyfalls (solo show), Caprice Bistro, 2009.
Work and Work (with Darren Mulvenna), Caprice Bistro, 2010.
State of the Art, (group show) Cameron Art Museum, May 2011 - October 2011.
Layered Moments/  This May Be Difficult. (solo show) Caprice Bistro, Nov 2012 - Jan 2013.