Running & Running.


April 27  Run for the Chowder 10k  (58m32)  **First 10k/Road Race


I did not participate in any organized runs.


March 22  Run for Ray 10k  (56m24)   **First trail race!
April 18   Oak Island Lighthouse 10k  (50m34)
November 1  NC Battleship HM  (1h59m22)  **First Half Marathon


January 23  William H. Craig  15k   (1h13m)
Febrary 27  Run for Ray Trail HM   (1h49m22)
March 13  6th Annual Steve Haydu St. Patricks LoTide 10k  (47m06)
November 7  NC Battleship HM (1h38m55)


February 28  Run for Ray Trail HM   (1h 42mins)
March 26  Gator Trail 50k   (4h 33m 13s)  **First Marathon/Ultra
April 23   Mangum Track Club Shirt Run 15 miler  (Fun Run)
May 14   5k Coastal Run/Walk for Autism  (Pushed a special athlete with Stronger Together)
May 28   Flashback 10k  (44m32)  (2nd place Age Division)
July 9    Grandfather Mountain Marathon  (3h 48mins) **First Marathon
October 16  First Bank Octoberfest 15k (1h 03mins) (3rd Age, 8th Overall)
November 27th  Derby 50k (Fingers crossed/  Update:  DNS due to work/life schedule.)
December 10th  William H Craig 15K (Cxl'd due to lack of participants.)

2012  (Tentative schedule, anticipating likely alterations.)

January 14  Weymouth Woods 100k Trail Race (11h 34mins.  premiere attempt at 100k distance. 1st place MTC.  **Western States Qualifier.)
February 25  Run for Ray Trail HM  (1h39m40s)
March 18  Quintiles Marathon  (3h18m00s;  2nd place AD)  *Missed BQ but nailed A-Standard JFQ 50 Qualifying Time!
March 31 Gator Trail 50k (ran 4 of 5 laps-- 40k in 3h16 mins. Work-determined DNF.)
June 23rd Run for the Red 10k (42mins 11secs;  3rd Place)
July 16th Trispan 10k   (43mins 24secs)
September 22 Poplar Grove Trail 5k (20m 26s)
October  Oktoberfest 15k (1h 01m 12s)

November Turkey Trot 4m Trail Race


January 19th  Weymouth Woods 100k Trail Race  (11h 30m 20secs.  5th place OA, 1st MTC.)
March 24 Gator Trail 50k
April 20  Leatherwood Mountains 50M Trail Race  (11h 50m)
September 29 Tidal Creek Creek to Campus 5k  (19m27s)
October 19 WC-50 Mile Trail Race  (12h 27m)