Monday, April 5, 2010

easter week et cetera. . . . .

march 25th. ky is thirteen months old.  spring is arrived. 

preparing for an 8 – 10 miler downtown. misty, pollen is a monster, beethoven’s opus 133 performed by (none other than) the emerson string quartet. . . . (wish I had their Bartok collection). . . . . one banana, one clif-shot gel, a pint of watered-down G2.

nine miles, ninety minutes with a bathroom break at mile 6. . . . a good run with many inclines & declines, off-road as much as possible. boardwalk by CFCC to Pilot House to confederate park (when did they start tearing up the park beneath the memorial bridge?), across grassy mounds through the industrial area, tractor trailers and huge oil storage tanks, then the abandoned blight and I thought I saw some dude walking around with a small rifle, so I kicked some speed-work into the lakeside path. sun warmed and off came the shirt around mile four and then some nausea and no working water fountains currently, across the entire town. . . .

four other runners. sparse. a good stretch.

ran with scooter & jimi at beach on friday-- 7am.  more of a walk-run, the run was more of a social experience.   scooter is organizing a new run which sounds like a great deal of fun, even though i do not drink alcoholic bevs.  maybe sundrop or something equally tragic, but no beer.  the idea is run one mile, drink one beer, and repeat until a full six-pack is consumed.  there will be puking. 

4.3.10 easter monday. one week since last post, and in that week a wonderful time with my family and running somewhere around 35 miles. ran 42 miles last week, then took sat. and sun. to spend the early part of the day with my family, before work. went to tregembo zoo on friday and saw the wonderful animals. . . . kyote & kas had a ball. fulfilling. looking a pair of salomon xt wings 2, or the ultra, or a pair of montrails. . . hopefully for running some trails in Pennsylvania or mountains of North Carolina, soon. next year, the goal is mainly trail 50ks, the run for ray half-marathon, maybe a 20k or anything above in an interesting location. meanwhile I will build offa my base running with some speed work.