Friday, June 25, 2010

mundial, some running, journal paintings, a random Her.

how foreign language conjures names long lost and neglected. . . . . remembrances odd and anachronistic, false insertions of the associative unconscious. . . . abstractions dominate our awareness. blurs outta the corner of Mind’s eye.

june 24. 10h25am.

following a 6 mile jog (meaning i started running and ended walking, so the average of the two = jog). did a wrightsville beach circuit. . . . beach was nice and uncrowded and now paraguay versus new zealand with the vuvezelas blaring like rabid monks and a pb & banana & honey sandwich with coffee as black beans start simmering and laundry rolls and maya sleepily licks her snout.

june 25th 589m/yr; 50m/mon; 19m/wk.

ky is 16 months.

ran by this chic y’day, and strangely I now recall (distort) her as wearing a hoodie. she stared at me as she ran by, an enigmatic study. . . . she may have been mid-thirties, stark eyes lupine and hard as a hunters. . . . she accused my thoughts as she ran, was inside my head as a drifting aquatic voice, oil and water, she was melancholy and tragic and searching. she was running and running well. . . . a haunting visage, a smokey portrait burned into mind’s strange gallery, cosmic graffiti.

three-point-five miles in neighborhood, blazing at 10am. . . . quiet across the scorched asphalt. . . . . echoes of footsteps. garden is wild and dreadlocked and finally one fine tomato produced. . . . heirlooms struggle in the heat as jalapenos mature nicely. . . . brazil versus Portugal en vivo. . . . escribo el futuro.