Friday, April 23, 2010

Collective ramble and you can probably skip this one. . . .

april 19th

lsd. that is the ongoing acronym. . . . long slow distance. maybe not long-- four miles, then one mile in trail shoes. a little barefoot running. trying to rebuild the knee injury. . .

no creative thoughts—new moon phase. . . . (sometimes the old thoughts creep in on me.)

earth day- april 22 2010. three miles plus one mile barefoot walk/jog. . . . . swift pace. thought much of sensuality of running, the sexuality of running. the raw physicality, the expressionist angst of movement, the thrusts of breath and body and beating the feet and the brutality of a pace at the top of one’s ability. . . . the madness of running. the meditation of the long slow distance. . . . . the psychosis?

running is a physical act and thus directly related to evolutionary wellness--- a. one improves the body’s attractiveness, making it a sexually desirable object. b. a healthy body indicates a healthy mate, hence an increased likelihood of successful breeding with that mate. also, physically healthy individuals can endure harsh circumstances longer, are more likely to survive in adverse conditions due to multi-layered preparedness to survive. c. a healthy body indicates an individual’s capacity to care for one’s Self, a sexy attribute. and a healthy body indicates a willingness to live and to live well. . .

ultimately, in simplified shorthand: healthy = sexy, at least on a subconscious level.
Darwin should have been a runner.

running enhances the sexual experience, builds the libido, and makes for a more complete & creative experience. . . . . so why don’t I just go get fucked? a whole ‘nother post.

april 23 2010. 12 miles for the week. 96 miles for the month. 412 for the year.

five miles running, ½ mile barefoot jogging afterwards. now flogging molly and thoughts of flaming amy’s.

mr. stripey is growing like a champ.  he will get earth-anchored this weekend, and probably find a partner or two downtown at the farmer's market tomorrow morning. 

otherwise, i find myself reading news on the local newspaper with deep intrigue and personal infatuation.  i read about the drug busts, specifically narcotics and more specifically heroin.  i mark my mental map and build a network of potential neighborhoods and places the cops are targetting.  it is ridiculous and romantic (meaning distorted) and just a passing phase, tired mind and exhausted image-repertoire hoping for inspiration in any form. . . . . the runs are lengthening again thankfully. 

Pennsylvania in one week! running amish fields and deer last year popping out on trail twenty feet in front of me (maybe running from a bear. . . ?) always a godly experience, being in the pa mountains.