Friday, June 4, 2010

sun and music and paint. . . .

some pictures from the previous three days of storms and garden-labors and ramble. meanwhile i have discovered an incredible coffee-- Caribou Mahogony. . . . . an excellent home-brewed cup of java.

garden bites green into the afternoon as paynes gray storms churn from the southwest.

Adrian Ghenie is a terrific, contemporary german painter.  also a cuban painter, alejandro campins, is a visual marvel.

above is a mottled light-puzzle of a decayed homestead in northern virginia, and i thought it was beautiful.
june 4th. two miles y’day, a lively jaunt, a pleasant stroll before the rain began. but a recovery still slow and cautious. three miles today—mostly brisk walking. felt my shoes melting on the asphault road.