Friday, July 2, 2010

thirty six years of age.

june 30 2010.   final day of my 35th year. let it rain.

recently the notion of self-image rises as important, an honest autoportrait-type awareness lost in the years. a torrent of loss, of vision, of material crap, of ideas, of inspired images. . . losses of all kinds pockmark my history. loss is almost a form of alchemy, except that it is purely undirected by my actions—it is not a conscious decision-- rather my loss is an external consequence of my choices.

grilling on my birthday eve.

july 1st. 36 years of age. reflections on birthdays passed. . . . . . six miles in rain, pleasant upper 70’s. . . downtown run, at nun street to Greenfield lake loop and back. a good run with my body feeling good most of the time. . . . . . healing continues. meanwhile I killed the car battery by leaving on the lights.

run for ray half marathon. . .

last year brought a coupl'a half marathons, the purchase of a home, a decent exhibit of my paintings, and a ton of other happenings worth remembering. . . . what accomplishments would I like to see this year? more writing—writing on art, writing on food, family. . . . run a 50k. . . . paint the upcoming show with passion and fresh imagery. . . . visit a country in central or south America. . . . learn Spanish and work on French. . . take care of self, kyote, home, family. . . spend time with family, art. Immersion in life and passion and god-work.

july 2. 611m/ 16m/ 11m.
questions of loyalty emerge from various fronts, mostly professional. . . . how many levels of a man's identity do others wish to possess? to control?

cherokee purple, rutgers, two early girls.

identity is how we respond to adversity, equally how we respond to support. . . . identity is the sequence of acts spawned from our passions.
five miles at coast—cool and breezy. . . . . Brazil vs. Holland now, with some strong Columbian coffee, sugar and cream, & egg quesadillas. . . .