Thursday, May 19, 2016

To Run is Free.

Dont let anyone ever sell you the run, dont try to buy the run.
Find it on your own. Run your own life. The run is free.

Again, the run is free.

The numbers of the Run don't matter, neither the speed nor distance. The numbers are artifacts, consequences.
Disregard the records we collect, measure ourselves with, impose upon one another.
What matters is the Effort.

Discard the noise and chatter of the commercial intent and get to the raw, majestic essence of it. A primal aching surge of muscle bone and breath.
Nexus of run.

Running is a psalm of movement.
Running is narrative tangle of voice and space, running is symphonic crescendo and the dance of layered rhythms.
Running is brutal, carries the grace of the Sacred, demands fluidity and meditation.
Convirgence. Alignment.
Running is the will to exert, the initiation of Action, it is the Hope of achievement and the Faith that Achievement matters.
Running is the optimism to push beyond the expected, the status quo, to rebel against the contrived mechanics of our days.
An ecstatic and private anarchy.