Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Some pics from y'day's trail jog--

life drawing tonight.  discussions of liszt, de kooning, edgerton & faulkner, sinclair, and even some rachmoninoff last night at work.  served One person all night. . . . eight dollars the richer. 

april 13th

(my love for nature began in my childhood in the acres of woods behind my grandparent's home. today was a similar childhood playfulness and curiosity as i snuck in a coupl'a hours on some trails only ten minutes from my driveway. wonderful to have such options nearby. . . . )

jogging trails this morning as knee pain persists with stressful use. I headed to plantation grove nature preserve and put in some random twists and turns across pine needle paths and tree-identification signs and headed down trails of pine, oak, magnolias. . . passed a pond, open fields. . . . . sun is shining, the weather is sweet. . . . . makes ya’ wanna move your dancing feet. . . . . an enriching, organic experience.